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         憑借與清華大學蘇州汽車研究院建立的“新能源汽車聯合研發中心”和聘請了國家工程院院士郭孔輝及陳清泉設立的院士工作站作為強大的技術支持,公司堅持走自主創新的道路,為打造最安全、最時尚、最環保的生活好車,為CORE POWER新能源汽車走遍全世界的美好追求而奮斗!為新能源汽車中國創造貢獻力量!


           Core Power (Fujian) New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of Core Power Group, located in Puling Automobile Industrial Park, Yongan City, Sanming City, Fujian Province. With the total investment of 1 billion RMB,first phase of the project covers 330000m², including four automobile manufacture processes — stamping,welding, coating and final assembly— to ensure a projected annual production of 100,000 kits. The company has engaged in building a new and comprehensive energy vehicle base which integrates design, manufacture, test of full cars, of auto parts and of automotive engineering technology.

        Depend on the technical supports from the “New Energy Vehicle Joint Research Center” build by the company with Tsinghua University Suzhou Automobile Research Institute, and from the “Academician Workstation”established by the company which employed academicians of CAE, Guo Konghui , Chen Qingquan  , and Core Power, the company has decided to go unswervingly along the path of innovation, to create most safe, fashionable and environmentally friendly cars, to struggle for making CORE POWER new energy vehicles traveled around the world , to contribute to the bright future of new energy vehicles that designed  in china.

        In October 2015, the Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Miyoshi Limited, a company listed on the Singapore Exchange since September 2000. With the completion of the joint venture in August 2016, Miyoshi is now the second largest shareholder of the Company.
         With its headquarters in Singapore, Miyoshi Limited supports customers in more than 20 countries and has 1,000 employees in its manufacturing plants in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, China (Wuxi and Huizhou), and Singapore. The principal activities of the Miyoshi include the design and manufacture of moulds and precision pressed parts, high-end electronics and investment properties in the Philippines and Malaysia.

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